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1st Annual Fall Festival Fundraiser

Howdy Neighbor! Our spring fundraiser was so much fun that we are back for round two! Come join us for food, drinks and games to support Robson (because it really needs our help). 

Join us this Saturday October 22 in the lower yard of Robson-Harrington Park from 4pm until dusk for a beautiful fall afternoon of food, drinks and fun!

Kientz Hall will be grilling delicious food for sale and Woods will introduce its amazing and unique selection of wine and beer for sale. In addition, we will have auction items from many local merchants and restaurants. 

Where: Lower Yard Robson-Harrington Park

Why: To raise money to help beautify and maintain our wonderful downtown park!

What: Food, drinks, and fun games for adults of all ages!

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We can't wait to see you on the 22nd!


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