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Friends of Robson Park
A 501c3

In 2019, we, a collective of caring neighbors, proactively initiated conversations concerning the condition of our local park. These discussions encompassed inquiries regarding park maintenance, leadership, possible enhancements, and methods to foster community participation. With a keen determination to bring about beneficial changes, we took the initiative to formally engage with town authorities to kickstart this important dialogue.


By early 2021, our persistent efforts yielded results, as the Town Council of San Anselmo came together with unanimous enthusiasm. They eagerly embraced a collaborative partnership with F.O.R, marking a significant milestone in our journey to enhance Robson Park. This partnership is structured to facilitate improvements in a methodical and project-focused manner, promising a brighter future for the park and the community it serves.

The Friends of Robson (F.O.R) Park is dedicated to advocating for and helping achieve a beautiful, well-maintained Robson-Harrington Park.


We invite you to join us in this endeavor to realize our present aspirations and our vision for the future. Your participation is pivotal in our mission to restore Robson Park to its former glory and beyond, transforming it into a true gem within San Anselmo.


The responsibility lies with each of us to shape the destiny of our park. Together, we can reclaim its significance and create a space that resonates with the entire community.


Your contribution, no matter how big or small, will make a tangible difference.

FOR a family-friendly neighborhood park

FOR access for everyone

FOR a well-maintained, safe, and beautiful park



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