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A Neighborhood Park Advocacy Group

Friends of Robson-Harrington Park


The Friends of Robson (F.O.R) Park, is dedicated to advocating for, and helping achieve, a beautiful and well maintained Robson-Harrington Park.


The Friends of Robson (F.O.R) are neighbors and community members who are:

  • F.O.R helping everyone in the community enjoy the Park

  • F.O.R giving everyone access to the Park


  • F.O.R bringing together neighbors to advocate for the Park


  • F.O.R. family friendly spaces


  • F.O.R the ongoing viability of the Park!


F.O.R. is and advocacy group for the sustainability of Robson-Harrington Park. We are also willing to get involved and raise money and manage improvements when the opportunity presents itself.

In 2019 some of us neighbors starting asking each other questions regarding the physical state of our neighborhood park and wondering who was in charge, what could be done and how to get involved. We reached out and began talking to the town. In early 2021 the Town Council of San Anselmo unanimously and enthusiastically approved partnering with F.O.R to improve Robson on a project by project basis.


To achieve these current and future goals we need you to become involved. Come help us make Robson the jewel of San Anselmo again!

It is truly up to us.

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Questions? Want to get involved? Keep up on the latest news? Give us your email or reach out to

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Check out our progress!

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