2022 Project

Here is why you should get involved by donating your time and money? 

Robson Park is a special place that we all love, but let’s be honest, the lack of ongoing care and maintenance over the years has really taken its toll on the Park. Many of the terraces are weed strewn and many of the paths are overgrown. Invasive plants have become dominant. It is time for us to band together as a community and clean up the park through volunteer efforts (clean up days) and by raising funds for things like benches, new plants, etc. This is why Friends of Robson was created and why we hope you get involved.


2022 Project Specifics:

If you stand at the lower yard and look up towards the Carriage House our 2022 Project encompasses beautifying the terraces that are surrounded by the path on both sides.

Funds raised will be used to clear the terraces of weeds and invasive species and to plant them with native plants that are beautiful, drought tolerant and relatively low maintenance. The project also includes installing an irrigation system and paying for care of the plants for 2022 and beyond. 

NOTE: All funds donated will go directly to pay for the project. In other words, nobody involved with Friends of Robson is taking a salary. We are volunteers. 


2023 Project

We are in the process right now of determining what projects to tackle for next year. If you have some ideas please reach out!


Lower Yard Terraces

The beautiful stone walls and terrace areas above the BBQ area will be cleared and beautified


This is our park!

There are so many exciting future projects that we can do together as a community!

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Future Projects

If you are a "Friend of Robson" reach out and ask us how you can become involved and help us define and scope future projects!

Looks great!  How can I help?